She stares longingly into the starry night sky. The twinkling lights of the heavens paint the perfect backdrop against which her dreams of an ideal life are

fulfilled. It is a life where her accomplishments are recognized and she rises above her current circumstances. She swims among the heavens, basking in the

admiration of friends and family. She feels a tingling in her toes as the sensation creeps up her body. It reaches her heart and she soars into the sky on the warm

and gentle wings of love that embrace all worries. But she knows that this is all a dream, and the wings of love cannot carry her away from her reality. Turning

away from the heavens, she focuses her eyes on the ground. She sees the embers of a dying fire and the ashes of her broken dreams. With a heavy sigh she

realizes that there is nothing keeping her here, not even the warmth of an ember. She turns away into the darkness and parts the veil to enter the waking world.

Once more.